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Sometimes you’ve just got to get sh*t done

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

and you need to win the fight against ‘The Resistance’.

Thinking back to the people who have done well in our game, the common attribute is the ones who can get stuff done. This is especially important in our world of event management. Our deadline doesn’t move. We don’t do extensions, we can’t file it late, get back to it later. We have a set date. The doors are opening at x o’clock. People are coming, whether your ready or not!

‘Ready or not here I come’

You know a phenomenal event person when you see them. They are not the ones speaking hurriedly, on a call, while emailing, in a meeting, stressing, on their 5th coffee for the day. Not that one (although, we’ve all been there). The good ones are the ones listening, looking, advising, making decisions. They are busy, but methodically getting shit done. Seemingly in control, ahead of the game, ready for the next wave of activity (which will come). We want to be the leaders, in control, getting stuff done, all day everyday. But its not easy.

And yes, us ‘event people’ can change states pretty quickly. We can switch between ‘Event Professional’ to ‘Event Phenomenal’, from ‘Event Planner’ to ‘Event Procrastinator’ all in a day. With the need to juggle multiple tasks, and hit those immovable deadlines, we also have the challenges that everyone else faces.

And that is not our fault. If you haven’t heard of it yet there is a thing called ‘The Resistance’ – and he/she knows all of us. It makes us muck around sometimes. Delay. We put off the call. Check Facebook. We are human after all. ‘Event Phenomenal’ or not.

The resistance is a concept created by novelist Steven Pressfield that illustrates the universal force that against human productivity. Everyone has it. It is the force that will stop an individual's activity through any means necessary, whether it be rationalizing, inspiring fear and anxiety, emphasizing other distractions that require attention, raising the voice of an inner critic, and much more.


Popular activities that attract ‘the Resistance’

- any activity requiring new thinking or creativity

- launching any new venture, especially if it your own

- any diet or health regime

- any program designed to overcome a bad habit or addiction

- Education of any kind

- any act that requires some real courage, or absolute commitment

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