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How to thrive instead of just survive

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

There are two sides to each event you take on:

Inspiring yet Challenging

Front of House versus Back of House

Perception versus Reality

Ups and Downs

Thrive or Survive

A study showed that working in events is the 5th most stressful job in the world, just behind emergency services. Now they deal in life and death. We don’t and working in events just shouldn’t be that hard.

We shouldn’t just survive, we should thrive.

So often in events we are so focused on getting it done front of house, we forget about behind the scenes. About ourselves. And our teams. It can be hard work. And while most event teams do provide each other some support, things change and move fast, and we move around a lot so it's left up to you. You are the boss of your own destiny after all.

For so many the career path is not defined, or even the next step.

Even in the organisations with the intent and resources to promote professional development it can be difficult to get it right all the time.

The event school is now filling this gap providing the support you need. We recently decided to do some things to help event people. To do this we have introduced the event school. It's not really like a school in the traditional sense; more a network connecting you for on the job learning. Real world learning, and connections.

The event school has a couple of tiers, from the eventFoundation course for those finding their way into the industry through to the eventsMBA for those of you who have been in the industry for some time and now need an avenue and the support to propel yourself forward.

Regardless of where you at in your own events career journey, the event school has something to offer. It's a new way of looking at things in events providing the training, support and network to enable you to get that next role, land the next gig and to obtain the salary you aspire to. Perhaps you are chasing a better way to influence people or a way to stand out from the crowd to receive the recognition you deserve. The event school gives you that standing and ensures you are seen, really seen, and heard in your team and in the wider industry.

The event school is creating the next generation of leaders across the industry and doing so in style. You'll still need to put in the effort, but with less stress and more time do the things you want to do beside the people you want to spend time with.

Live the life you want to lead.

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