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Tom Kiely, Active Traveller TV

Aloha from the 'Event Show', this week we feature our first international guest @Tom Kiely. Founder & former CEO of the global phenomenon which is XTERRA. Joining us from Hawaii where he established the XTERRA World Championships and, there is a lot to learn from this one, particularly on how to focus on the purpose of your event, and in building a global tribe.


Tom and his team have built an adventure sport/ triathlon empire over the past few decades, with hundreds of events and hundreds of thousands attracted to the 'LIVE MORE' spirit.  


Tom shares some fundamental strategies, such as establishing a clear goal with your stakeholders, and the need to be overtly proactive in providing content to broadcasters, or for any distribution. All strategies that are relevant to our events today. 


So many real-world learnings, which is what we are about at The Event Show.

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