the eventsMBA

Be Better. Live Better. Work Better.

For the experienced event professional.

You've built a career in events that is the envy of those starting out. It has taken you to places and introduced to people you could have only dreamt of ten years ago. It is everything you had wished for until now. Now you need more. Now you need challenge and a pathway through to the next chapter.

The eventsMBA is created for those of us hungry for more. It is designed to foster the next generation of thought leaders and to propel you further in your career. 

Structured into eight modules, the eventsMBA is designed to give you the confidence and skills to take on respected senior roles in the events industry.

✔  the status you deserve

✔  more money

✔  the work-life balance you want


We teach you the skills employers have identified as essential for today’s world; creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. These will allow you to lead the industry, and deliver memorable events.

What got you here won’t get you where you want to go. The eventsMBA is a pathway that provides the professional development training you need to move up in your career, to tackle high level negotiations with skill, to lead innovative teams and to develop your personal brand.

Be Better. Live Better. Work Better.

The eventsMBA will reignite your passion for events and business. Find yourself challenged to be a far better version of yourself and in the process find your new group of peers.

We do things differently in the events industry. We work hard in a job that is not 'just a job' and alongside people who are not 'just colleagues' but friends and family.

The industry challenges us. It can dominate our lives, and sometimes we need support. We are passionate people, we work hard and deserve to live fulfilling lives.

Be Better. Live Better. Work Better.

The eventsMBA is an intensive four week workshop that takes a fresh approach to learning by providing a shared and interactive experience for adventurous minds.

It is for high performing individuals who want to lead and to take their next step forward.

Design your best life.

Take the next step forward in your career. 

Find the sweet spot between work and life. Grow.


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Identify Global Trends >


Your New Network >

Event Professional to Event Phenomenal.


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The next round of the eventsMBA kicks off on Monday 4 February 2019. 

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