Our Why

Because Learning Matters

Let’s start with what we’re not. We’re not standard, we don’t know how to do average and we can’t make glossy, polished videos. 


We’re also not into self-paced learning when it comes to designing online courses. WHAT you ask??? Isn’t that what our work lives are about now – flexibility?! Let me offer you some reasoning behind our madness: our WHY.

  1. We want you to learn;

  2. We want you to finish the course;

  3. We know our audience.

Watching the usual online education video is unlikely to improve your knowledge in the long term. It is unlikely to provide you with a learning experience that makes a difference to your career, to your life. We offer you learning that will be applied time and time again.


Welcome to the most important event deadline you’ll take on.

We want you to finish the course. Life has a habit of getting in the way of self-paced learning. As students we put things off that don’t have a deadline attached to it. At the event school we ask you to make a commitment for 4 weeks of intense, fast paced learning. You’ll have skin in the game and stay motivated as a result. We know we’ll see you at the finish line.


The event school was founded by event professionals. It was founded for people like us. Nothing motivates an event professional more than a deadline and a splash of pressure so that’s exactly what we’ve injected into our courses.


Over a short period of time you will work at your best pace, you will meet deadlines, you will hold your end of the bargain for your team and you will produce outstanding results.

So enough said, let’s just do this. Roll up your sleeves, be challenged, be inspired and start thinking a little differently so that you can design your best life.

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