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The event school was created for people like us.


A place to meet like-minded sport and event professionals. After all, this industry can often be about who you know. 


But anyone who tells you that who you know is all you need, is only giving you half the truth.


It is also what you know. What you can do which is why learning and coaching is important too. 

We all want to create influential events, events that are different and connect with our audiences. The Event Show podcast brings you the latest insights from leaders in the industry.

the event showpodcast is brought to you by the event school.


Amanda Jacobs and Andrew O'Loughlin chat to event professionals to hear their stories, uncover new trends, find out what matters to them and discover how they maintain that all important work-life balance.

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About Us

The Event School is led by active event professionals 

Andrew O'Loughlin

Amanda Jacobs

Across 25 years in sport and entertainment, Andrew O'Loughlin has learnt that events can be a powerful platform to connect and influence people. Andrew has learnt by working with talented people on some of the world’s major events and with leading teams, and brands like Nike, ESPN, Red Bull & J.P. Morgan. He has had the opportunity to lead teams in some of our major not-for-profit, sports and entertainment organisations as well as in our largest local governments. Prior to turning his focus to the events school and event advisory, Andrew spent the last 10 years as Managing Director of an Events Agency. 


A natural mentor and trainer, Amanda Jacobs is driven to see others succeed in the work they love. She has worked with a diverse range of leading organisations including the planning team for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, the Victorian Major Events Company, well known brands, sporting and charity organisations. Her experience in fostering collaboration through online learning is immersed into the event school training experience creating a unique offering for the industry.

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